Welcome to Trout Unlimited of California, the California State Council.

Our mission is to protect, reconnect, restore and sustain California's salmonid fisheries, their watersheds and the diversity of their populations.
In pursuit of this mission, all native plants and animals will benefit, providing a clean and sustainable environment for future generations.


Protect our pristine headwaters on public lands for wild and native fish


Reconnect the segmented, dammed, water diverted streams for cool, clean fish-friendly water flows.


Restore native habitat in cold-water fisheries with sound science-based practices, collaborating with others across our state.


Organizing, education and outreaching to our communities ensures that we will be able to sustain robust populations of native and wild coldwater salmonids, to once again thrive within their native California ranges.

December 19, 2008

Contact: Drew Irby (949) 292-8538,

Chuck Bonham (510) 528-4164,


Trout Unlimited Applauds Department of Commerce Decision on Toll Road Appeal

Orange County -- On December 18, the federal Department of Commerce denied an appeal brought by Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) of a February 2008 ruling that an extension to the 241 toll route (“Toll Road”) in southern Orange County would violate the provisions of the Coastal Zone Management Act.

The Department of Commerce found that there is at least one viable alternative design for the project and that the Toll Road is not necessary for national security.

“This is great news for the endangered southern steelhead trout,” said longtime Trout Unlimited activist George Sutherland. “The Toll Road, as proposed, could be detrimental to steelhead and our habitat restoration efforts in San Mateo Creek. Now we should move forward – we invite TCA to work directly with us to ensure that the new Toll Road design is more ‘fish-friendly.’”


Contact: David Lass, office (530) 587-7110, cell (530) 388-8261,

Wild and native trout of the Tahoe National Forest need your help!

Unmanaged Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use continues to threaten our most beloved fisheries

Truckee, CA (November 18th, 2008) – The incredible fishing resources of the Tahoe National Forest (TNF) are in dire need of protection from unmanaged OHV use. The Tahoe National Forest is asking for public comment and input on Route Designation, a plan with serious implications on wild and native trout species. This is a critical time for sportsmen to step up in support of their favorite trout waters and tell the Forest Service to stop unmanaged motorized abuse.

Route Designation is a process to designate off-highway vehicle routes and determine what routes will remain open and which routes will become closed, or illegal, for future use. For the Tahoe National Forest, this process began in 2004 as part of a Region-wide effort. This process is currently in the Draft Environmental Impact (DEIS) stage of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This is the last chance for the public to comment on the plan before the final decision is made in early 2009.